create a list of advantages/disadvantages of each theory

What follows is the first part of a two-part assignment. To understand leadership, you will need to have a sound foundation of past and evolving leadership theories. This assignment intends to allow you to create your reference guide that will assist you in writing the papers throughout this class.
Go to the Traurig Digital Library and search for the respective leadership theories listed below.

Fiedler’s Contingency Model
The Normative Decision Model
Path-Goal Theory
Substitutes for Leadership
Leader-Member Exchange
You are to define the theory; create a list of advantages/disadvantages of each theory and develop application examples. Also, apply each theory to your current position. Please remember you need to provide the citation/reference for each particular theory (you may also use the Nahavandi text for references but you must also use other sources). Use the leadership template table file attached here to assist you. The final product should be 3-5 pages (excluding cover and reference pages).

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