Create a new, international sales division to explore marketing Carpetbaggers Chemicals to carpet makers in other countries. Develop a plan to support this new strategy through human resources.

Create a new international sales division to explore marketing Carpetbaggers Chemicals to carpet makers in other countries.

You work at Carpetbagger’s Chemicals, a 60-year-old business that sells chemicals for the manufacture and installation of indoor and outdoor carpets. You are the Assistant Vice President of the company. Using a fleet of company-owned, light-utility trucks driven by members of your sales staff, your business has prospered on a “good old boy” network focused on relationship selling and personal delivery. Recently, there have been numerous threats from your rivals. Other chemical companies provide a quicker turnaround time and lower pricing by utilizing local and national transportation providers as well as online sales. Additionally, carpet from Asia and Australia is becoming more and more well-liked in the US. Costs are rising while sales have decreased for the past three years. To assist in the turnaround of the business, the board of directors of Carpetbagger’s Chemicals recently appointed a new president. He has concluded that in order to turn Carpetbagger’s Chemicals back into a profitable enterprise, significant reform is required. In the end, these modifications will have an impact on your company’s culture. The next president has three (3) main priorities. 1. Make the sales team more aggressive by retooling it. 2. Transfer product distribution from the sales force to independent national transportation providers (which will eliminate the need for the sales force’s fleet of light utility trucks). 3. Establish a new section for foreign sales to look into selling Carpetbagger’s Chemicals to carpet manufacturers abroad. Create a plan to use human resources to support this new strategy. There are four (4) pieces to this stand-alone project. Your Stand-Alone Project replies should follow the project’s formatting guidelines and be grammatically and mechanically error-free. If there is a Part A, you should mention that in your response, etc. You must also correctly reference all sources utilized in your response and include a bibliography of them in accordance with APA formatting. (300 pts.) (For the combination of Parts A, B, C, and D, a 10-page report, organizational chart, and 20-slide MS PowerPoint presentation are required.)

Part A Report on how each of the following will help the transformation in writing. (120 pts.)

HR Strategy 1.

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The three aims of Carpetbagger’s Chemicals’ new president have been made known. You now need to make decisions about how to support those three priorities using human resources while maintaining your present spending limit. What specifically should you start doing right away to help your department change? What HR processes must be modified to support the new priorities? Would outsourcing any HR function or component of an HR function be beneficial?

Recruitment 2.

a) As you may remember, your new business president has the following three priorities. 1. Make the sales team more aggressive by retooling it. 2. Transfer product distribution from the sales team to a fleet of light-independent national transportation providers. 3. Establish a new section for foreign sales to promote Carpetbagger’s Chemicals abroad.

b) As you create your plan, consider the ensuing inquiries. 1. What additional hiring and recruiting initiatives will be required? 2. Will new job descriptions be required? 3. Are new Job Analyses required? 4. Will you need to acquire new personnel or replace existing ones?

Plan ahead for the personnel in your hiring department right away. Indicate the precise deliverables you’ll require from them before your business may continue. Think about the expenses involved as well as how the organizational structure will change with new hires.

3. Remuneration and Perquisites

Think about how your compensation and benefits departments may assist Carpetbagger’s Chemicals with its new strategic ambitions. Think in particular about the following. Should a new salesforce compensation plan be implemented? 2. Should you change the incentives for salespeople since carpetbaggers will remove them from the delivery industry? 3. How will the foreign sales division be compared to the current national sales force in terms of evaluation? 4. How will managerial positions be paid—nationally vs abroad?

Consider the associated expenditures with the aforementioned factors as well and keep track of them for your Stand-Alone Project.

4. Education and Training

There will be a variety of training requirements for the new upper management initiatives. New sales training will be required for the former sales team. Through the use of Bills of Lading, Safety Information, and standard expectation management, employees will need to understand how to support independent national transportation businesses. Additionally, the new sales section will need sales and product expertise training. Make a plan to offer instruction in all necessary fields. Include strategies for gauging training efficacy.

5. Workplace Relationships

Change can be challenging. The present may be a trying period for the Carpetbagger’s Chemicals staff. For the sales team in particular, this is true. What actions will you take to reduce the stress? Will your campaigns be official or informal? Required or optional? Will you hold unique competitions or provide rewards? Think about how you’ll inform your staff about the impending change. What format will you employ? How will you respond to complaints following the change? Get ready today for the significant changes that are coming.

6. World HR

Making a new foreign sales section to promote Carpetbagger’s Chemicals abroad is one of your company’s top priorities. Think about the following. 1. How should this new division be run, in your opinion? 2. Would you send existing employees abroad, send key managers abroad, or would you send existing employees abroad and hire locals to sell the product? 3. What difficulties will you encounter? 4. In which nation should you start your global business?

Part B: Make a new organizational structure for the business. Organizational charts can be made using capabilities in both Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. Organizational chart templates are also available for download at thirty points

Part C You will need to submit a thorough proposal outlining additional human resource department costs for communication, new staff (if required), training (design and delivery), employee relations, pilot programs, consultant fees, etc., because this initiative is brand-new and outside the scope of the current budget. Keep in mind that the new company president is stingy, so keep your expenses down. fifty points

Create a 20-slide MS PowerPoint presentation to explain your strategies to the board of directors in Part D. A perfect score



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