Create a simulation of the bumper car ride (Amusement Park),

Using Loops

First World

In the scene, the bunny has snuck into his friend’s garden and is hopping to the broccoli to eat it. Use a loop to make the bunny hop however many hops are required to get to the broccoli. When the bunny gets to the broccoli, have bunny’s father appear in the garden gateway, tapping his foot in dismay. The bunny should turn and hop out of the gateway very fast. Use a second loop for the bunny hopping out of the gateway.

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Create Garden and Wall Scene.
Place vegetable garden within the wall scene.
Place bunny in scene.
Use a loop to have bunny hop to the broccoli.
Have Daddy Bunny appear (become visible) in the garden gateway using the isShowing property.
Have Bunny turn to face and see Daddy and hop quickly out of the gate (using a second loop to
accomplish this).

Second World

Bumper Cars

Create a simulation of the bumper car ride (Amusement Park), where the cars move continuously around within the bumper arena. Add two bumper cars inside the arena. In this animation, each car should be moving forward a small amount until it gets too close to another car or to the wall, then turn the car a quarter of a revolution clockwise (to get a different direction) and continue moving forward. Use a switch (Controls) to stop and start the ride. As long as the switch is on, the ride should continue.

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