create the client description for your Case Assessment Project. Remember, this is the first portion of a major project. It needs to be narrative, APA compliant, and written in third person. Submitting a professionally written, APA compliant document is critical to your development in this course as it is the first opportunity for your instructor to provide you with feedback on your academic writing and APA format.

create the client description for your Case Assessment Project

You will write the client description for your case assessment project for this assignment. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of a large project. It must be third-person narrative, APA-compliant, and narrative. In order for your progress in this course to be successful, you must turn in a professionally written, APA-compliant document. This is because it will be the first time your instructor has the chance to provide you with comments on your academic writing and APA format. Talk about the traits listed below in a narrative style.

In your customer description, include the following details (under the same categories), and if necessary, add further preferences:

Name and gender of the client

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Age (12 years or less is required).

Ethnicity. Clearly state the child’s ethnicity and any pertinent ethnic-related characteristics. Include any other home languages spoken as well as any necessary identification of relevant cultural aspects. These cultural difficulties will be covered in a later section.

Physical evaluations, including measurements of height, weight, general look, attire fit for the occasion and environment, and hygiene.

Medical status (including any existing conditions, general physical health, previous serious illnesses or hospitalizations, and a summary of the doctor’s records, for example).

observations of behavior, emotion, and cognition (such as eye contact, mannerisms, extroversion versus shyness, hyperactivity versus lethargy, talkativeness versus reluctance, facial expressions, nonverbal traits, posture, and affect).

Academic standing and performance (including grades, behavior problems, and learning difficulties), as well as grade level, summaries of records, and tests, if available, Indicate in this field if the kid has a 504 plan or an individualized education program.

Family and housing circumstances (including information about any guardians or family members who are involved with the child)

Social and civic engagement (including participation in religion and sports).

presenting a challenge. For this instance, complete both of the following: • Select and explain a psychological issue that is troubling the student right now. What motivated them to seek counseling? Determine the specific psychological concern: alterations in behavior, chemical dependency (in a kid or family), grief over a loved one’s passing, suicide thoughts, depression, divorce, anxiety, or homelessness. • As specified in Chapters 19 and 20 of the course material, select and describe a handicap or special need (ADD, ADHD, giftedness, food allergy, or other exceptionality). Make sure to specify why this problem deserves special attention. Think about IEPs, 504 plans, specialized educational accommodations, special diets, etc. The particular requirement must be identified as such with clarity. Maintain a manageable scope when choosing a special needs topic.

If your client description is overly broad or narrow, your instructor can ask you to edit it.



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