Create two measurable lesson objectives that are aligned with one Common Core Standard. For each of the objectives, create two differentiated strategies designed to master the objective.

CCSS, or Common Core State Standards

From Chapter 5:

Effective teaching strategies serve as the cornerstone of differentiated instruction. One of these distinguishing elements is having a high-quality curriculum, since what is taught informs how it is taught. Standards, or definitions of student outcomes in content areas, provide the cornerstone of a high-quality education. (Puckett, 2013, Introduction, Chap. 5)

The new standards, however, have raised concerns among many instructors for a number of reasons, some of which are listed in Chapter 5 of the textbook, including but not limited to:

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insufficient training to apply the new standards A realistic assessment of kids with special needs’ ability to master standards Government interference with the freedom to teach creatively is too great. How these new requirements will be applied so broadly

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are designed to give teachers and parents a uniform and precise grasp of what is expected of students. The CCSS targets college- and career-ready knowledge and abilities in order to prepare students for the transition from high school to college, even though they were created to address English language arts and mathematics.

Assignment guidelines:

Read Chapter 5 of the assigned readings first. The webinar “Common Core State Standards: Where Does Differentiating Fit?” should then be viewed.

Read the following scenario and then respond:

Twenty ‘normal’ kids, three students with an IEP for a Specific Learning Disability, one student with an IEP for “Other Health Impairment” (ADHD), and two students who have been identified as ELL make up Ms. Phillips’ inclusion middle school class. The American Civil War will be the topic of her class’s first lesson, which will center on the importance of the Civil War battle and the motivation and significance of President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

Ms. Phillips gives her pupils a KWL chart at the beginning of the unit so they may share what they already know about the Civil War.

Civil War Diagram

KWL Chart Student Response Example (Creately, 2011)

Following a study of the students’ KWL charts (see an example above), Ms. Phillips understands she has to include differentiated tactics to provide the issue with a more complete and accurate grasp as well as to make it more pertinent to the students’ lives.

For this conversation:

Identify one common core standard and two measurable lesson objectives. Create two distinct tactics that are intended to help you achieve each of the objectives.

Describe how the techniques you’ve recommended will appeal to a range of learners.

To prove that your strategies are illustrations of differentiation, cite academic sources.



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