Critical Care Nursing Interventions 111


Smiling Nurses

Delirium: Analyse the physiological reasons for this phenomenon critically. Consider existing critical care practices that might contribute to this condition in your critique, and then describe potential remedies to lower its incidence that are supported by recent studies. Evaluate the topic you’ve chosen, then point out and talk about any important issues that are connected to it.
Analyse the critical care nurse’s contribution to this process.·
References to current evidence-based (research) practice and scholarly literature on this subject should be used to support every area of your work.·
This is an assignment, not a case study, so could you kindly repeat the assignment as I was unable to locate a title that fit in your column? Case Study: Use pertinent and up-to-date citations from the literature and the proper incorporation of the newest evidence-based practices to support every component of your critique.
For this examination, a minimum of 20 references are required.

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