critical comparison of two research


· A 1500-word critical comparison of two research

· An even-handed critical analysis ( Compare and contrast) of two studies based on the strengths and weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative approaches (this requires extra reading)

· Critically evaluate the ideas and methods portrayed.

· Concentrate on the scholarly content of the presentations

· Intro (250 words)

· Summary 1(300 words)

· Summary 2(300 words)

· Analysis and integration (400)

· Conclusion (250 words)

· Files for the two studies are attached in different document

· (Summary one and summary two are already done so you only have to do the introduction, the analysis and integration and the conclusion

· Please include everything in text citation in everything and put the link of the website down below without referencing it.

· Please do not write over 900 words as the 2 summaries are already 600 words



Diagram  Description automatically generated



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