Critical Review


Review the document, then write your report using the standards.

100% of the exam is coursework. There are two assignments with equal weights.

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(1) A critique of one case study from the publication Cognitive Neuropsychology in no more than 2,000 words Deadline: Friday, November 20, 2015.
Choose one paper from the three listed below:
E. Caccappolo-van Vliet, M. Miozzo, and Y. Stern Phonological deficiency without phonological dyslexia 21, 820–839, Cognitive Neuropsychology.
A.M. Blazely, M. Coltheart, and B.J. Casey (2005) Impact on the reading model of semantic impairment with and without surface dyslexia 22, 695-717, Cognitive Neuropsychology.
Rapp, B., Tainturier, M.-J., & Epstein (2002). the lexical and sublexical processes of spelling that combine information. 19, 1–29 of Cognitive Neuropsychology.

Guidelines for this exercise’s format: (a) Give a succinct summary of the case study’s general subject matter.
(b) Summarize the patient’s overall characteristics in a brief statement before outlining the key findings of the patient’s testing.
(c) Analyze the findings in light of a model of typical processing.
(d) Provide a critical assessment of the paper’s conclusions and talk about any additional patient testing that would be necessary to verify the interpretations made.

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