critical review

Use this book, please. Stephen Greenblatt. The Swerve: How Modernity Shook the World. 2011; New York: WW Norton.

Name(s) of the student/group
Assignment due date
Content/Development (50%) WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT RUBRIC

Key assignment components are addressed; the content is thorough, correct, and compelling; the writer demonstrates an understanding of pertinent theory; concrete examples back the major ideas; the research is sufficient and timely; and the writer looks beyond the textbook for resources.

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Higher-Order Thinking: The author contrasts, integrates, and compares theory with the workplace and experience.
• At the proper level, the writer evaluates and integrates theory and experience to create fresh concepts and methods of conceiving and carrying out
Management (20%)

• The introduction introduces the subject adequately and summarizes the main elements.
The main idea or aim of the paper is instantly apparent. The structure is understandable, logical, and unambiguous. Subsequent sections develop and reinforce the main idea. The conclusion and suggestions flow naturally from the body of the work.

Mechanics/Style (30%)

The paper is well formatted using headings and other reader-friendly aids. Citations and the reference page adhere to the rules.
• The paper is organized and meticulous.

• Spelling is accurate; grammar, usage, and punctuation rules are adhered to

Transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and sections aid in maintaining the flow of thought. The language used is clear and unambiguous. The tone is appropriate for the audience, the assignment’s content and the sentences are complete, clear, and well-constructed.



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