Critical review

Part 2 Final Report

After receiving formative comments on your initial report submission, you will conduct more research into pertinent HR practice areas in order to address the major issues you raised in the diagnostic report. Your final report will include the following:

• offer a thorough analysis of the pertinent literature, building on the initial sources mentioned in the diagnostic report.
• Describe and describe how this relates to the main issues you raised in Assignment 1: Diagnostic Report.
• Offer some context-specific suggestions for organizational improvement.

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However, you should think about how this particular organization or sector might address the problem, taking into account what you have learned through your reading and what you know about the organizational context. You are not expected to provide detailed and implementable recommendations (with costs, timetables, for example).
Since the same marker will read both your final report and your first submission, it is expected that you will have addressed the formative input provided in the diagnostic in the final report.
This final contribution, which will count for 70% of the module mark, is due on December 8th, 2015. The word count for the report should be around 3,000.

It is crucial that you back your claims in both reports with evidence from pertinent literature. This needs to be properly cited, using a uniform style (Harvard), and with a bibliography included. Both assignments need to be submitted in standard report format. This entails using a formal writing style appropriate for the situation, a contents page, sections, and subsections, as well as a concise opening and conclusion. On Moodle, some instructions on report format will be given.
Work that goes over the recommended word count by more than 10% will be penalized, although appendices with additional examples will not count against the word count.



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