Critical Thinking: Two-Tier Wages: Same Job Different Pay

Goal: Produce a paper summarizing the current state of two-tier plans and our understanding of their operation. What route they want to follow in the future and how to handle stakeholder concerns.
Positive Critical Thinking Exercises range in length from three to five pages and include material learned in class while addressing the topics listed in the Analysis Questions.
Timing: As specified in the class schedule, papers are due and should be submitted via the Drop Box. Assignments that are turned in late will lose points. Assignments turned in after the deadline will be penalized as specified in the syllabus.

Criteria for Evaluation: Category Points

Identifier, Class, and Title* 5
Content: Dialogue 1. Key differences between standard plans and two-tier designs. consequences for organizational staffing?
2. What challenges do two-tier wage schemes present for the industry’s future? Issues/concerns of stakeholders and remedies. 20
1. The advantages and disadvantages of the two-tier wage system (managers/employees/union)
2. Workplace experiences with a two-tier wage structure (managers, employees, unions). 30
Future feasibility of two-tier environments and their current state 15 Mechanics: Readability, Grammar, and Spelling 5
Total: 75 *Assignments must have a cover page with your name, the class you are in, and the assignment’s title on it.

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