Critically analyse the current the implications if the company were to adopt the plan suggested by Sam and Bobbi – Critically evaluate downsizing tactics and their implications – Provide suggestions on the various alternatives to downsizing

Analyze  the  ramifications in the event that Sam and Bobbi’s idea is adopted by the corporation

Analyze critically the current situation’s ramifications in the event that Sam and Bobbi’s idea is adopted by the corporation. Analyze downsizing strategies and the effects they have; give advice on the several alternatives to downsizing. Give an HR plan to handle future HR demands, such as developing Silvertail’s employer brand, training, career management, etc. for the cabin crew.

The assignment’s word limit is 3,000, and you should strive to finish within 10% of that amount. Assignment 2 requires typing, a polished presentation, and academic writing with the proper headings (introduction, body, conclusion, bibliography, and plagiarism certificate). Please make sure to give the introduction and conclusion some thought (they should each make up about 10% of the total word count for the assignment). 12 font size, 1.5 line spacing, and Times New Roman or Arial. There must be page numbers. Important: Incorporating references from the literature should be a crucial component of your assignment, and you should use references to back up all of your ideas and arguments (I wouldn’t expect to see paragraphs without references!). The literature needs to support the thesis statement in your assignment. You must cite any concept, motif, or claim that you adopted from the written work and used in your essay.

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