Overview: In this assignment, we will focus on a type of rhetorical criticism called ideological criticism, engaging with a major critical concept of the arts and humanities: ideology. After learning about ideology, and how to recognize it, each student will choose and critique a rhetorical artifact (an article, a movie, a book, an institutional website, etc.) revealing how the artifact helps to achieve hegemony by emphasizing dominant ideological paradigms while silencing conflicting ideologies or suppressing real/concrete conditions. Purpose: Your purpose is to liberate a particular audience from ideological oppression through a thorough and helpful critique of an ideological artifact. Audience: Your audience for this assignment should be a relevant stakeholder within the ideological power dynamics you are critiquing. Audience and purpose are inseparably linked in rhetoric and in an ideological critique the purpose is to help liberate an audience that is in some way oppressed by the dominant ideology.

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