Analysis of a Research Study

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Read Goodman, S. H., Dimidjian, & Williams, K. G. (2013) in its entirety. attitudes of pregnant African American mothers toward preventing perinatal depression. doi:10.1037/a0030565) and the following six sources (Cultural Diversity And Ethnic Minority Psychology, 19(1), 50–57):

(Afify, M. A.; Shahzad; Tawfik; Ibrahim; Abduljaleel; Z.; Khan; W.; et al. (2015). African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 9(39), 966-973. Evaluation of drug prescribing patterns in private and general hospitals in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

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Wolff M, Gibert C, Chastre J, Combes A, Figliolini C, Trouillet JL (2002). Pneumonia caused by polymicrobial ventilators: incidence and prognosis. Chest 121:1618-1623.

(2011) Gizachew. A comparison of the Widal test and blood cultures for the diagnosis of typhoid fever in patients who are feverish. Microbiology, Immunology, and Parasitology Department. 1(1):9–22 J. Med. Microbiol.

Sustainable disease control using weeds as indicators: Capsella and Tobacco Rattle Virus, Iannetta, P.P.M., Begg, G.S., Valentine, T.A., Wishart, J. (2010). Research on Weed 50, 511-514

In 2013, Onoja, A. B., Adeniji, A. J., and Faneye, A. problems from measles in a hospital in Nigeria. Clin, 264, 18-23.
John Seaman (2008). Using a grounded theory approach in cultural-historical research: incompatible or useful approaches? Int. J. Qualitative Methods 7(1):1–17.)

Write a critique of the study by (Goodman, S. H., Dimidjian, & Williams, K. G. (2013), evaluating the value of each source. Attitudes of pregnant African American mothers toward preventing perinatal depression. (19(1), 50–57) Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.)

Referencing the textbook (Newman, M. Use the necessary articles from the six sources listed above and the book Research Methods in Psychology (N/A: Bridgepoint Education, Inc) to support your analysis of the study. Use the section titles and information from the list below in your paper.

Introduce yourself. Indicate the paper’s goal. Clearly state the name of the study being criticized and its authors. Summarize the research question, the hypothesis (if it’s a quantitative study), and the study’s literature review’s background data on the subject. Did the writers provide a fair assessment of the field’s knowledge? Is the literature review biased in any way?

• How to? Explain the differences between the research approach (qualitative vs. quantitative), sample strategy, and data-gathering procedures. Mention the sample size, variables and measures, statistical tests, coding and analysis techniques, and any researcher-made assumptions in a quantitative study if one was conducted. Were the methods picked suitable for the investigation? What different approaches would you advise?

•Ethical Considerations? Examine the study-related ethical considerations. In the article, did the researchers specifically address ethical questions? If not, does the report contain proof that the participants’ privacy and safety were maintained? Was the approval procedure by an IRB or comparable ethics review committee mentioned? Were any of the methods (deception, coercion, etc.) unethical?

•What are the outcomes? Give an overview of the findings from the study’s analysis. Did the writers clearly distinguish between their interpretations and conclusions and the analysis’s findings (evidence)?

• Discussion and Verdict? Examine and comment on the findings that the researchers came at. Do the conclusions make sense in light of the analysis’s findings? You may gauge its overall effectiveness by evaluating the positive and negative features of the research study’s implementation and design. Identify the research’s limitations and add any additional ones you observe that weren’t covered in the article. Describe the directions for further research the authors suggest and assess their suitability. Give at least one suggestion for a future study to help it get around some of the problems with this one.

Your essay should be five pages long (excluding the title and reference pages) and formatted in accordance with the Ashford Writing Center’s instructions for APA style. Use at least five recent, APA-styled, peer-reviewed sources written and published within the last ten years, as the Ashford Writing Center recommends. The article under review, three of the six sources listed, the course textbook, and another source should all be included in this list. Search the Ashford Library for more acceptable peer-reviewed sources if at least three of the provided publications do not help evaluate the criticized study or offer alternate approaches to investigating the subject.



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