Titanic’s cultural and historical repercussions
You will analyze a film of your choice for your final paper (1500–2000 words), utilizing the theoretical and conceptual frameworks you have learned to support your position. You will pick a movie and justify its historical and cultural significance.
Your essay will analyze one of your chosen movies. You must develop a thesis that justifies the importance of your chosen movie in light of its historical and cultural surroundings. In other words, what makes this movie significant historically or culturally? Additionally, you should develop your arguments for why the movie is significant rather than only paraphrasing others.

The assignment-specific criteria for evaluating the work will be its topic, thoroughness of presentation, and care. Work that exemplifies the standards for academic writing and research that have been covered in class will be rewarded. Papers must be turned in both electronically through Blackboard and in physical form.

Your paper must:

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1. Use double spacing and a 12-point font.

2. On the first page, include an exact word count.

3. Provide proper citations using the MLA, Chicago, or Harvard styles (i.e., in-page references plus a bibliography with complete citations). APA is not permitted.



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