Cultural Exploration Report

Im taking Global Marketing class. Our instructor asked me to prepare a Brief report assignment on (Cultural Exploration).

My Cultural Exploration Report should focus on a country other than my own country “im from Saudi Arabia”.

You will read about a countrys culture, interview someone from that same country, (you can pretend you did that) and prepare a brief Report.

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First, identify a person to interview from that Country (I choose Egypt). Once you have identified the country of interest, get a copy of Two CultureGrams from the Troy library- your own country+that of the person you will interview. (will, we are going to pretend that we did and i will attach the CultureGrams PDF for both countries for you to check them up)

Compare the CultureGrams to identify five differences and five similarities between that countrys culture (Egypt) and your own culture (Saudi Arabia).
Additionally tell me what you would find interesting to experience, or see if you had opportunity to visit this country.

Next, interview the person from that country. I have provided some questions for your interview (listed below). You should develop five additional questions based on information from their countrys CultureGram. Your report should include these questions and a summary of the responses.

Interview questions:
1- could you give me a 1 minute introduction to your country?

2- what things do you find particularly interesting about your country?

3- based on your experience what perceptions do you think people from my country have about your country? How do you think they would have developed these perceptions (for example: from movies, people in the news, etc.)? How accurate do you think these perceptions are?

4- do you have any advice for someone interested in visiting your country? (Egypt)

5- what aspect of US culture would you personally like to have learned more about before you came here to United States? And  Why?

6- develop a question.
7-develop a question.
8-develop a question.
9-develop a question.
10-develop a question.

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