Cultural Life Span Short Answer Questions

Directions: Read the scenario below and answer the reflective questions based on the scenario. Your response for each question should be 50-100 words. Do not exceed 100 words in your response. Include any scholarly references to support your responses.


Maria Sanchez is a 60-year-old Latina woman who has concerns about her neighbor Lynn, a 21-year-old White woman. Lynn appears to have issues and is disturbing the neighbors at various times of the day and night. She exhibits bizarre behavior at times and then is seemingly normal for weeks. Another neighbor Paul (35 years old, Black and gay) has called for a meeting of the residents to discuss the new type of resident. You are a local advocate who knows Lynn and the situation that is brewing in her residence.

Reflective Questions:

1. What worries might the residents express regarding their new neighbor? Does their age and cultural background have an impact with their impression of Lynn?

2. What type of federal laws could bear on this matter?

3. As an advocate, how would you assist Lynn in working with other cultures and age groups in her living situation?


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