Cultures are defined within the context of a given community, their attitudes, beliefs, traditions, values and practices. The spoken and written languages, systems of governments, the social lifestyles, buildings and other man made artifacts are derived from aspects of the established and prevailing cultural structures. As a strong tool for the survival of the human society, cultures have undergone many changes within the communities of practice. Individuals learn the culture as they grow and develop through experience and other aspects are taught by parents, peers and other relevant social institutions within the communities (Jenks, 2005).

The culture ascribed to any community is described by the social behavior patterns, beliefs, the values traditions, institutions and other products of its people’s thoughts and work (). These are transmitted from one generation to another, as the younger age groups learn from their elders. Culture is derived from a community’s past and its experiences as related to its contemporary circumstances.  From the established belief, traditions and values arise the folklores, mores, taboos and ethical principles that describe and guide the behaviors of the people and the society at large. Roles of the community structures are defined from these, together with establishing of local customs and accepted traditions, which outline the cultural features of the community (, 2006). Both the past and present circumstances form the basis of the cultural context. The past cultural contexts form the structural framework of the culture, while its practice and application are defined within the contemporary situations. It is learnt and taught ensuring it is developed and inculcated within the mindset of the people as they grow from childhood onwards, and the responsibility of teaching its future generation is bestowed on them (Oswell, 2006).


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