Customer Segmentation

In a double-spaced MS Word document (300-400 words), use the information in this week’s resources and your own experiences to discuss the following:

Read What You Need to Know About Segmentation. Gavett, G. (2014, Jul. 9). Harvard Business Review.  

Think about your core customers, whether internal or external, and identify at least 2 key customer segments.  For each of your identified customer segments, address the following:

    1. Describe each customer segment, including:
      • demographic information
      • psychographic information
      • specific customer needs in terms of products and service levels
      • customer attitudes and behaviors
      • preferred methods of communication
      • any environmental factors that influence their purchasing behaviors
    2. Judge the level of satisfaction for each customer segment and consider the factors that influence satisfaction
    3. Finally, develop a list of actions that you/your business could take to increase the level of satisfaction for each of the identified customer segments


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