cyber incident response plan 1

Cyber Incident Response Plan?
Scenario:You have just been appointed as the Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer (CTO) in the City of New Cumberland (See “City of New Cumberland Organizational Structure” diagram). In the recent months, several team members from the Incident response team, research and development, and the IT team manager were fired due to their alleged involvement with cyber incidents. The city manager is concerned that the firing of the employees may cause them to retaliate and/or disrupt the critical services in the City of New Cumberland. Additionally, the city manager believes there may be an unmanageable amount of attack surfaces in the current network design. As your first as the CTO, the city manager has asked that you:

develop a cyber incident response plan that addresses the concerns (should contain a high-level flow chart – see “Example incident response flow chart” and a brief description of how it is supposed to work),
restructure your CISO and CIO teams as you see fit (diagram and description),
provide an analysis of potential threats and vulnerabilities,
summarize your organization revisions and provide key areas of focus for your current and future employees

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