D. Moore GS102 Week 3 Assignment

Cancer Prevention


Chapter 8 discusses mutations that can lead to cancer, such as lifestyle choices and exposure to certain chemicals. After reading Chapter 8, design a brochure to promote healthy lifestyles and cancer awareness.

In your brochure, include the following headers:

  • Lifestyle choices and environmental factors that can lead to cancer
  • Process of cancer mutations leading to metastasis
  • Suggestions for early detection of at least two types of cancer

Include pictures and references to make it informative to your reader. Please use this template.

Change this picture above to be more relevant

Early detection can save lives

Examples of when and how to screen for cancer.  (At least two types)

●       .


Reference section



Brochure title
Your name here

Lifestyle choices and environmental factor that can lead to cancer

We do know that there are certain factors that can contribute to cancer, …



This is going to be the overflow of the examples of lifestyle choices and environmental factors

You can modify this format as necessary to help you create a brochure that shares the information that benefits your reader.




“Consider a quote here.”

The process of cancer mutations leading to metastasis

This is where you will explain how process mutations can lead to metastasis.

When you are learning about this information, what do you think you learned and what your friends and family needs to know?

    [Type a caption for your photo]

Don’t forget to include some specifics about what you want to include so the reader is well informed.

You could include a bulleted list of steps to demonstrate your understanding of this process or explain in a few concise paragraphs.

Remember that you want to grab their attention, keep it brief, friendly, and readable.


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