D.Q:   The Federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour (that’s $13,920 a year without

The Federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour (that’s $13,920 a year without taxes).  In California, the minimum wage is $11.00 ( $21,120 annually without taxes). According to the U.S. Census, a family of four requires $25,100 annual income to meet the top end of the poverty line.  
What are the root causes of poverty and what steps can be taken to reduce the poverty rate in the U.S.?  Remember to cite your sources.
Discussion Questions are designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your critical thinking and analytical skills.  There is no one correct response to any of these questions.  But, there are many incorrect responses.  I am NOT looking for your opinion.  Make your case, or argument, or whatever the DQ calls for, in a logical and scholarly way.  Develop critical analysis rather than descriptions.  I want you to support your statements with text book references and outside sources when applicable.   
After you compose and submit your response you will have access to other students’ responses.  Read three or four of them.  Then compose comments to one of those students that relate to their response.  “I agree with you.” will not earn points.  Make your comments substantial and meaningful.  
Total points available for the Discussion Question assignments is 20.
Discussion board: Post your thoughts on topics covered this week. You may focus on any topic you find interesting. Use legitimate reference sources to support your views and comments. Legitimate source include the textbook, academic journals, reliable websites like CNN, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, and Mexico News Daily. Do not use blogs or unsubstantiated sources.
Open Discussion Board points are earned when you post something relevant on the site.  This site is designed so that students may discuss things that are in the news and/or may not be covered in depth in the chapters, or that are interesting and topical.   Here are some ideas:
You may have read an article on a website that relates to the class in some way.  Post the website and give a summary of the article.  Tell us why it is relevant.
Contribute to a post that is already there.  Add significant additional information or a rebuttal, supported by reference material.
If you see a news report on TV, YouTube, or other media, site it and discuss it.
While you have a lot of freedom on the Open Discussion Board, you still must support your statements with academic sources. 
Video Chat:  Should surgery be done to “normalize” intersexed babies’ genitals?  Or should parents wait until the child is old enough to make that decision for themselves?  Why?
Video Chat Posts.  There are many opportunities to respond to questions posed for the Video Chat assignments. Prompts can be found in the Weekly Modules.  Each post is worth up to 10 points.  Posts should be written at a college level of sophistication with correct grammar and spelling.  I am looking for responses that are analytical and include sociological terminology. No opinions, please.  Use of references is expected.  Type your response in the “reply” space.    
Week 9 D.Q:  
After watching the video “The Space Traders” post your response to the following:
Would you vote to make the trade?  Why or why not?  What criteria did you use to make your decision? Cite your sources.

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