Data and Statistics in Health Care

Statistics can be used at any level within an organization or in the health care industry. The use of data to improve patient care along with the ability to access health data resources are commonly required skills in a health care workplace.

In this assignment, you will continue to explore the use of statistics in health care and develop an appreciation for health care statistics from both local and national perspectives.

Refer to the Vila Health: Using Health Care Statistics media piece for the successful completion of this assignment.

In your new role as a data analyst for Vila Health, complete a report on using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) data repositories for collecting statistics. Visit the Data & Statistics page of the CDC website linked in the Resources and complete the following steps:

Select a topic under the heading Data & Statistics by Topic on the web page.
Explore the page for your selected topic and review the information presented under the different subheadings.
Create a two-page report that meets the following requirements:
Describe statistical information used in health care, including examples found on your topic.
Describe the use of statistics in relation to health information management, such as registries, hospital statistics, and vital statistics.
Describe several users of this data in health care.
Explain who the users of the information might be, including specific use by a health care data analyst.
Describe the statistical resource used for this assignment, as well as several others you have explored in the course.


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