Data-Centric Solutions for Allegiant Air Company – Case Study Final


Final paper Revision if needed (original paper in attached documents) – Case study: minimum of 16 pages not including title, abstract, table of contents, graphs, images, drawings, and similar and the reference page.(need to be added if not already there) Use APA formatting Include in-text citation to support statements and any quoted content. Citation should also be used for statistics, graphs, tables, etc. Limit the use of quoted content in the paper If you have a number of graphs, images, tables, etc, place them in an Appendix. (see how to do this in APA formatting style by reviewing CCAC resources and/or OWL at Purdue University: APA style includes but is not limited to: 12 point font in Times New Roman or Arial style, double spaced with double space between paragraphs. See the paper example provided on the Pudue OWL Web site. Lessons learned page following the case study This is not a critique of the assignment This is typical of a stage that is done at the end of an IT project for the project team to review what went well on the project, what might have failed, and what can be learned for use in future projects. You will assess what you learned about doing a case study of this size, it challenges and what successes you had in addition to what you can take with you as you move onto a four year university or how you might apply what you learned to a current or future job. Length: ¾-1-1/2 pages (this is not included in the case study page length) – PowerPoint Presentation (Revised): Revise the presentation that you submitted for Deliverable #3 if needed. Create a minimum of 20 slides of topic content. Additionally, provide a title slide reference slides. (whatever number of reference slides that are required) Format the slides similarly to the requirements for Deliverable #3. – General Instructions: Submit the paper in a Word document Submit the presentation in MS PowerPoint or in a compatible app Submit both documents in the same submission location. Don’t zip the files Assignments submitted after the due date will not be accepted.

9 hours ago

Power Point included in attached documents as well, that does not need to be created from scratch. Might not even need to be revised either. Just need to be included in the final project

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