Competencies for Data-Driven Decision Making: 3009.1.1 The Case for Quantitative Analysis

The graduate creates plans for organizational decision-making processes using decision-making techniques.
3009.1.2: Using Statistics as a Tool for Management
The graduate evaluates options when making decisions by using a variety of decision-analysis techniques.
Additional Statistical Tools 3009.1.3
To determine the best decision alternatives, the graduate employs statistical tools and quantitative methodologies.
Quality Metrics and Tools 3009.1.4
The graduate examines the methods used to do the task and uses tools and measurements for quality improvement to boost efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.
3009.1.5: Actual Decisions Based on Data
To make the best decisions, the graduate examines data from business intelligence and knowledge-management systems.
Enhancing organizational performance 3009.1.6
The graduate enhances organizational performance with pertinent data.
In order to complete this job, you will have to think of a real-world business issue that could use data analysis to generate a useful recommendation. You should choose a topic related to your professional field or program specialization (for example, IT management, HC management, or MBA). This business context and related information will be used to finish task 2. Before completing job 1, which signifies that the company environment and data analysis strategy have been authorized, do not move on to task 2.
You can choose the best analysis method by using the “Decision Tree Presentation” in the Web Languages section.
Fill out the following instructions using the “Data-Driven Decision Making Template” that is attached:
A. Give an example of a real-world business scenario that could be solved by gathering and evaluating a set of data.
Note: The real-world business scenario you choose should be related to a problem at work or in your program’s area of specialization (for example, IT management, HC management, or MBA). You’ll use the results of your data research to generate practical business advice.
1. Briefly describe one choice or question that pertains to a real-world business scenario that you will resolve by gathering and examining a set of data.
2. Justify why a data analysis would be beneficial in the given circumstance or setting.
3. Identify the information you must gather that is pertinent to the circumstance or query.
Note: For a statistically valid result, a sample size of at least 30 is advised.
4. Describe the method of data collection that you want to employ.
5. Choose a suitable data analysis method (such as linear programming, crossover analysis, t-tests, or regulation) that you will use with this data.
Pages 1 and 2 Taskstream 11/15/2015
a. Justify your choice of data analysis method as being suitable for analyzing the gathered data.
You can choose the best analysis method for your data and business environment using the “Decision Tree Presentation” in the Web Li inks section.
B. If you quote, paraphrase, or summarize any content for the purpose of supporting ideas and elements in a paper or project, be sure to provide credit to the original author(s). An in-text citation that explicitly notes where in the submission the source is used and a related reference are both required for crediting sources.
Author, date, title, and information source (such as publisher, journal, or website URL) are all required.
Note: Although it is recommended, APA citation style is not necessary for this assignment. The recognition of source information will be evaluated; however, the APA or other citation styles will not be taken into consideration. Please visit the APA Resources website, which may be located on Taskstream’s left-hand panel under General Information/APA Guidelines, for advice on how to use APA style.
Note: Even when properly mentioned, no more than 30% of a submission may be explicitly quoted from other sources or closely paraphrased.
Note: Refer to the Rubric Terms online link in the Evaluation Procedures section for definitions of terms frequently used in the rubric.
File Addendums:
1. Click here to open the Data-Driven Decision Making Template in a new window.
Website Links
The presentation of a decision tree link opens in a new window. Taskstream 11/15/2015, Page 2 of 2



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