Students will explore the advantages and challenges of this process as well as effective strategies for empowering high-performing teams.  This will include a closer look at approaches to leadership as it relates to this empowerment process.  The most effective leaders are able to embrace this as a slow and careful process of allowing team members to develop and become more empowered.  This module will conclude with an exploration of strategies for sustaining the high-performing team.

The purpose of this forum is to discuss and apply concepts from the assigned readings in Module 4. Wheelan (2016) asserts that empowering leaders should expect team members to challenge their authority and demand greater involvement with running the team. Write a 600 word initial post that addresses the following questions:
    As you reflect upon your reading and research from our previous discussion on conflict, what are some of the important strategies that leaders might consider for encouraging such challenges to authority while not being disruptive to the overall team?
    What are some of the other ways in which leaders can empower team members?
    Research and describe an example of an empowered team.
Integrate key scholarly sources, to include and expand upon the course materials. Include a reference list in current APA format.
*Include a statement telling what will be included in the paper within the first paragraph.
* Use headings

Please review the grading rubric.
Cite all sources used in the paper.


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