DB5 2 APA and References

For this discussion, you will use the PSY640 Checklist for Evaluating Tests document to compare two assessment instruments used in industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology assessment. Based on the information in your text and assigned readings, select and evaluate two psychological tests used in industrial-organizational psychological assessment. You may not evaluate any of the tests you evaluated in the Week Four Applications in Personality Testing discussion.

  • Test Name and Versions
  • Assessment One
  • Assessment Two
  • Purpose(s) for Administering the Tests
  • Assessment One
  • Assessment Two
  • Characteristic(s) to be Measured by the Tests
  • (skill, ability, personality trait)
  • Assessment One
  • Assessment Two
  • Target Population
  • (education, experience level, other background)
  • Assessment One
  • Assessment Two
  • Test Characteristics
  • Assessment One
  • Assessment Two
  • 1.       Type (paper-and-pencil or computer):
  • Alternate forms available:
  • 2.       Scoring method (computer or manually):
  • 3.       Technical considerations:
  • a)       Reliability: r =
  • b)       Validity: r =
  • c)        Reference/norm group:
  • d)       Test fairness evidence:
  • e)       Adverse impact evidence:
  • f)        Applicability (indicate any special groups):
  • 4.       Administration considerations:
  • 5.       Administration time:
  • 6.       Materials needed (include start-up, operational, and scoring costs):
  • 7.       Facilities needed:
  • 8.       Staffing requirements:
  • 9.       Training requirements:
  • 10.   Other considerations (consider clarity, comprehensiveness, and utility):
  • 11.   Test manual information:
  • 12.   Supporting documents available from the publisher:
  • 13.   Publisher assistance:
  • 14.   Independent reviews:
  • Overall Evaluation
  • (One to two sentences providing your conclusions about the test you evaluated)
  • Assessment One
  • Assessment Two
  • Name of Test:
  • Name of Test:
  • References
  • List references in APA format as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center

In addition to the text, locate a minimum of two appropriate scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources to aid you in the analysis of the psychometric properties of the instruments based on published data. In your initial post, provide the names of the two tests you evaluated, and attach your completed PSY640 Checklist for Evaluating Tests document. You must maintain the original format of the document and include the textbook and two additional scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources in the references section.

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