Personal Nursing Philosophy Concept Synthesis Paper


Nursing Philosophy Personal Concept Synthesis Paper

Nursing Philosophy Personal Concept Synthesis Paper Three components make up this essay. You are required to write a scholarly paper in which you must identify, describe, study, and apply the ideas that underpin your unique philosophy for practicing professional nursing. This will help you decide how you personally feel about the acknowledged paradigms and metatheories in the discipline. It will also help you find and communicate ideas that are relevant to your specific practice. This article serves as a practice run for organizing and outlining your professional foundation. A list of assumptions from your own nursing practice must be used to show the concepts and structure of your theory. Your essay should be organized as follows: a one-page autobiographical account of your experience as a nurse. My name is Hope Arcuri, and I’m presently a resident of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. I’ve worked in home healthcare for more than 15 years. Although I have expertise in every nursing role in home health care, I selected this line of work because I feel that working at the convenience of my patients’ homes gives me the greatest opportunity to impact my neighborhood. In order to improve my ability to educate my patients more thoroughly, I hope to learn new information and gain experience from the course material. I’m keen to learn new abilities that require more practice. I have a number of objectives while taking this course. I want to rush through all of the readings and exercises, though. I want to work in home health once I finish the ARNP degree so I can continue doing what I love while also assisting people in my community. I’m hoping that my experience working with a range of diseases and drugs would be useful as a field nurse with experience in home health. I will increase my knowledge by finishing this course and be better equipped to train my patients during our one-on-one patient visits at home. Four metaparadigms exist. Identification, discussion, and documentation of your perspective on the core concepts of patient, nurse, health, and environment based on the material that has already been published Two principles specific to practice: Identification, discussion, and documentation of your opinion on at least two additional topics from the literature that are specific to your practice A list of at least five premises or assumptions that connect the concepts mentioned is known as a proposition list and is clearly numbered. Each week, you will complete different sections of your Concept Synthesis Paper and submit them to the Submissions Area for potential facilitator input. These distinctive elements should be included in your essay, which should also highlight your personal nursing views. Your concept synthesis paper on your unique nursing philosophy is due in week three. It is encouraged that you begin your paper in Week 1 and complete its various components one week at a time as you proceed through the course. The suggested workloads for each week are as follows: Week 1: Nursing Biography and the Four Nursing Metaparadigms Week 2: Two practice-specific concepts and a list of propositions and assumptions Week 3: The due date for your personal nursing philosophy idea synthesis paper Consider the following questions as you complete the several assignments related to this assignment: 1. What are the four primary nursing theory metaparadigms, and how can I apply them to my professional practice? 3. What nursing-related theories and philosophies, as well as those from other areas or domains, are consistent with these principles? 2. What important ideas do I apply that are distinctive to my professional practice? 3. 4. How specifically do the concepts of transcultural nursing, the health promotion model, skill development, role theory, and change theory fit into my philosophy and practice? 5. What scholarly research supports these claims? 6. How can the organization where I work employ the role and change theories, and how can I apply them to my professional practice? The essay needs to be thoroughly researched, well-documented, and incorporate essential details from the listed nursing philosophies. Refer to the most recent APA Manual edition whenever possible. However, they may also include conceptual and theoretical knowledge from other professional domains. The emphasis of the sources should be on nursing theory references. The document shouldn’t exceed 10 pages without references or appendices. It should only be 6–10 pages long. The writing should be succinct and well-organized because the facilitator cannot evaluate form and content separately. Give your philosophy or framework a name that accurately describes the main points it covers. Submission Details: Please upload your manuscript to the Submissions Area by the specified deadline date.

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