Defend an ethical position on the topic of genetic technolog

Editorial letter is designed to have you state and defend an ethical position on the topic of genetic technology. You will write a clear introduction that includes a thesis statement, several body paragraphs and a thoughtful conclusion.

Review the rubric for this Assignment by clicking on the Rubric icon on this page.
Follow this format as you write your letter:
Introduction: One paragraph that introduces the topic and contains a clear thesis statement.
Your Position: One or two paragraphs that clearly state your position on genetic technology and contain support from one of the ethical theories covered in Unit 1. This will contain information from at least one outside source.
Counter-Arguments: One or two paragraphs that aIDress and refute counter-arguments from the opposing position. This should contain thoughtful reflection, clear analysis and insightful ethical reasoning.
Conclusion: This summary paragraph will revisit the thesis statement without restating it and touch briefly on the content of your letter.
The point of the assignment is for you to experience the process of writing as an effective tool in helping us to reflect deeply on a variety of ethical issues.

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