Define differentiation in your own words including the justification for differentiating in the classroom environment. Describe how you will create a positive learning environment that is also safe and secure. Describe how you will meet the social and emotional needs of your students including ways to eliminate student fear of failure.

Building Blocks and Consequences of a Differentiated Classroom

Information sharing among stakeholders, such as students, parents, coworkers, and other members of the education community, is one of differentiation’s key tenets.

You decide to develop either informational literature (such as a booklet or double-sided leaflet) or a classroom website to explain the principles of differentiated instruction and how they apply to your classroom as you get ready for the start of a new school year. Whether you decide to make a brochure, pamphlet, or website for your classroom, the information you include must be particular to your real or hypothetical classroom (for example, the school, grade level, academic subject matter, and student population).

This assignment requires that you:

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Give your own definition of differentiation, along with the rationale for doing so in a school setting. Describe how you plan to provide a welcoming, secure, and safe learning environment. Describe your plan for addressing your students’ social and emotional needs, particularly how you plan to help them overcome their fear of failing. Talk about what you expect from students’ homework and other projects. Describe the opportunities you will give kids to succeed. Talk about the evaluation process for student work. Choose three or more resources for education stakeholders on differentiation (books, papers, websites, etc.; your content may count as one of them). These will not be the same sources that you cite in your assignment (see below).

Be original! Provide your instructor with access to whatever you decide to make by uploading the required text or links in a document. To support your study, consult your course material and two academic papers from Google Scholar or the Ashford University Library. Although a brochure or flyer typically has two pages (front and back), this project does not include a page or length constraint because doing so would restrict your creativity. However, each criteria based on the rubric must be fully and thoroughly handled. If you intend to build a website for your class, your instructor needs access to it. Make sure you properly cite the sources you used at the end of your work (for example, at the bottom of the brochure or webpage).

Use these websites as a starting point if you want to design a brochure or flyer:

Free Google Docs Newsletter Templates: These are open-source, free newsletter templates. making a company brochure. Office offers users free Excel, Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint templates. The top 10 free blogging platforms available online

An example of a leaflet on differentiating for a school district can be found below. This brochure will give you an example, even though it is significantly less than the information needed for this assignment.

Brochure with Differentiated Instructions

Please feel free to utilize these websites as a starting point when developing a website for your classroom:

Educators can construct free class websites using Weebly. Free educational website and discussion board, SchoolRack WordPress is a free website and blog creation tool.



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