Define hookup culture in your own words.

When it comes to intimacy and sex, young people today are apparently doing away with the old rules of
romance and cutting straight to the chase. If recent reports are to be believed, the rise of “hookup
culture” on college campuses is in the process of killing off dating and courtship, radically
altering some of our most basic assumptions about heterosexual sex and gender. But for all the
speculation, there’s been little beyond anecdotal evidence to back any of these claims up.
Instructions: Define hookup culture in your own words.
Is there a hookup culture on CU Denver
campus? Why or why not? What pressures or processes do you see at play that influence your
peer’s decisions to participate in hookups or not? How does this change for people based on
gender identity, sexual orientation, race, socio-economic background, etc. Has your personal
definition of what constitutes “having sex” changed over time? Is penetrative sex still a dominate
sexual standard? Why or why not?
3-4 double-spaced pages, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. You should cite
least three
different course materials. Include a reference page. You may use any citation style
you feel comfortable with as long as you are using it consistently and correctly.

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