Define the market and provide some basic facts and figures on your market (

Purpose of the assessment, the task/topic:
The purpose of the assessment is to examine a specific service context in detail, and apply relevant marketing concepts.
Introduction to the work/Scope/Context:
Research your market by accessing relevant market reports, trade information, and by visiting company websites and/or service locations (where appropriate).
Your Specific Instructions:
Your assignment is to give a 15 minute presentation for your chosen service brand/product. The brief is below:
For the service you have chosen (agree your choice with the tutor)
Using relevant services marketing concepts, present an analysis of the market, the customers for your service, and employee issues. You will need to cover:
1)Define the market and provide some basic facts and figures on your market (e.g. size, growth)
2)How consumers evaluate the service, the consumer experience and the role of emotions in your chosen service customer decision-making.
3)Key issues related to service work and service workers for your chosen service.
Markets and examples of organisations:
Cosmetic surgery (e.g. Mya Cosmetic Surgery, Harley Medical Group)
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