) Define the term objective in objective methods of personality assessment.

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review Chapters 8 and 9 in your textbook.

In this assignment, you will compare projective and objective methods of personality assessment. Research a minimum of three peer-reviewed articles in the Ashford University Library that were published within the last 15 years on these techniques. In your paper, you will provide an evaluation of these techniques organized according to the outline provided below. Use information from your researched peer-reviewed articles and required sources to support your work in each section.

Section 1: Objective Personality Assessment

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  • 1.) Define the term objective in objective methods of personality assessment.
  • 2.) Summarize the features of objective methods of personality assessment, and provide at least three examples of these types of measures.
  • 3.) Explain the assumptions on which objective methods are based, and provide an analysis of empirical research testing the validity of the assumptions you identified.
  • 4.) Appraise the research exploring the technical adequacy (i.e., reliability and validity) of objective tests.
  • 5.) Describe the impact of social and culture variability on the administration and interpretation of objective tests.

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