Demonstrate an understanding of the potential benefits and disadvantages of each molecular imaging modality in application to cell tracking/targeting, particularly in nanomedicine

please..please.. please read carefully the instruction and include all the points that he mentioned(points to note) one by one.if there is something not clear in the instruction please ask before starting.(((task A ONE page))((task B TWO pages))
This assignment addresses the following learning objectives:
– Have knowledge of imaging modalities useful for cell-labelling and tracking in vivo
((Case Scenario)): You decide that a liposomal delivery system based on PEG is the best way to deliver this peptide to prostate cancer cells.
Task A: Design and describe clearly your approach that you will take to achieve maximum delivery of the liposomal system to prostate cancer cells. (Words: Max 1page)
Points to Note (Please read carefully):
In your discussion, you should
– describe which molecular imaging modality (or modalities!) you will use to help you answer the important questions
– consider factors such as how you will ensure maximum uptake in the correct tissue following iv injection.
– how will you measure this?
– what molecular imaging techniques will you use to assess the effectiveness of delivery?
– remember, when justifying why a particular modality is chosen for your experiment, you should say why you ruled out other possibilities (e.g. why might you choose to use CT to study the efficacy of delivery, rather than MR).
Your assignment should follow the Nature Referencing guide (
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