demonstrate knowledge of a current topic in Nursing Informatics; and

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You have now completed the annotated bibliography for your chosen topic. For this assignment, develop a paper from your research. Write a critique, including strengths and weaknesses of your chosen topic, using information from the Internet, literature databases, and your annotated bibliography research. Review the rubric for this assignment in the Evaluation Rubrics folder, and consult the example paper attached to the Course Documents folder.
The purpose of this assignment is for the student to:
• demonstrate knowledge of a current topic in Nursing Informatics; and
• demonstrate competency in the use of the APA Style Guide writing format.
• You are to use your annotated bibliography and other related research done thus far to develop a 7- to 8-page MS Word paper, in APA format, on your Nursing Informatics topic.
o Note that the paper developed here will be used to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation in Module 10.
• Follow the guidelines below. Refer to the “NI Paper Sample Outline” that can be found in the “Course Documents” folder at the top section of your course website.
o The paper must be in APA format. Please refer to your APA Manual and the Writing Style Guides link under Student Resources from within General Information tab.
o The paper should include two levels of headings (Level 1 and Level 2).
o The title page should have a “running head.”
o The body of the paper should be 7 to 8 pages in length. The title page, abstract page and reference page(s) are NOT INCLUDED in the 7 to 8 pages.
o Every page should have a page headi

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