Demonstrate knowledge of strategic management concepts for organisational planning and development

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Attention, Author:
This order consists of two 3000 word essay assignments.
I’ve chosen the company “Tesco” as the subject for both essays, and it will be utilized to respond to inquiries in both essay assignments. You can access the website for the company (Tesco) on which this topic is based at

Assignment Essay 2: The following question needs to be addressed:

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“Identify the major external and internal problems.”

? Offer at least two suggestions for the organization’s growth.
Explain how the various levels of strategy interact with the relative usefulness, validity, and dependability of qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques to help formulate strategies in specific circumstances.
Justify their suitability in light of strategic methodology theory and their capacity to address the organisation’s recognized difficulties.

Assignment Essay 3: The following question needs to be addressed:

“Utilizing the same structure as in Essay 2:

Describe three environmental influences on your chosen firm that have influenced current strategy and policies.

? Using two different environmental scanning approaches, describe how future changes may affect the organization’s strategy and policy-making.

Discuss methods of external analysis to determine the organization’s present or future positioning and corporate purpose.

Showcase the organization’s placement and sustainability with respect to the external environment via resource analysis and capacity analysis.



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