Dentistry in Haiti

I’m stuck on a Writing question and need an explanation.

The country I want to talk about is Haiti. Listed below are a few articles they can use.

Focus on Haiti culture,value,etc.. the healthcare system more toward dental care

.Talk about the only dental school they have in Haiti. What kind of medicine they focus on for treatment for teeth(natural medicine, etc.

Few articles are listed below

Katz, R. V., Prophete, S. E., Lafontant, C., Gebrian, B., Bourdeau, L. C., Joseph, J. E., Lafontant, G. J., St Jean, H. L., & Rundberg, P. E. (2018). Oral health knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) in rural Haiti: a 40-year follow-up study. Journal of public health dentistry, 78(3), 192–196.

An Oral Health Education Training Intervention: A pilot study with Haitian schoolteachers

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