Descartes’s view of the relationship between the mind and the body, known today as Cartesian Dualism.

We discussed Descartes’s view of the relationship between the mind and the body, known today as Cartesian Dualism. Should we agree or disagree with Descartes on his interpretation of the relationship between the mind and the body? Why or why not? As part of your discussion you should consider what are the relevant concerns with both adopting and rejecting the Cartesian view on this matter? Be sure to explain the Cartesian Dualist position, discuss plausible alternatives to dualism, and consider relevant objections to your preferred position. You may use (and are encouraged to use) relevant connected material from the course as part of your discussion. Papers MUST be typed and double-spaced in 12-point Calibri or Arial font with 1-inch justified margins.  To receive any credit for the assignment a student’s paper must be at least 1000 words in length.  Students should strive to submit a paper that is at least 1500 words in length.  These word counts DO NOT include elements of the paper irrelevant to understanding and justifying the thesis of the paper: bibliographic information, identifying elements at the top of the paper such as student name, course name and number, instructor name, etc. will not be counted in reaching the minimum word count for credit. In other words, what matters is the body of the paper. This should be obvious, but if not, you have now been instructed on this matter as well. Do not be surprised if you turn in a paper that is in reality only 997 words and receive no credit for your submission. o As a final suggestion, DO NOT aim for the minimum. Aiming for the minimum is a good way to do poorly. Instead, aim for more than the minimum and do your best work. That way, if you come up a little short of your goal, you will still likely have met the minimum requirements of the assignment and likely will still receive some credit for your work. Falling short of the minimum on the other hand results in no credit at all.  When utilizing reference material in his/her term paper, each student should reference the material via footnote (NOT in text citation or endnote) in a way that makes clear where the material originated. o If you are not familiar with the proper way to utilize footnotes, come to office hours for individual instruction. o Note that a “footer” is NOT the same as footnotes. These are different features and have different names for a reason. If you do not understand, come to office hours and ask!

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