Describe a power relationship between the government and citizens in the film

What issues concerning anarchy were revealed in the film?
Communities in Chicago were dealing with problems having to do with crime and gang-related activity. Activity such as selling drugs, murder, and other violent crimes. Kids were skipping school to make money selling drugs on street corners and it was overall not a safe environment for children or families.
◦ Describe a power relationship between the government and citizens in the film
Citizens in the city of Chicago were unsatisfied with the efficacy of their local government and sought to take matters into their own hands by rallying together to improve the overall quality of life in their communities. That is why democracy and community involvement is so crucial. Citizens often have valuable insights into the struggles faced within various parts of the city and therefore can empower themselves to work together and lead others to provide solutions.
◦ Discuss one collective action by the people and/or governments in the film
A collective action taken by the people and the government were to provide safe and educational extracurricular activities for children during after school hours. They also provided security in the rural areas were youth were at risk of gang activity in an effort to keep children off the street.

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