Describe a problem that requires change intervention.

This assignment is part of your Organizational Change Intervention Project, due in Week 6. For this week, assess the information that you have gathered from the interview with the organization leader and from your observations of the organization. Describe a problem that requires change intervention. Consider whether the intervention is process- or task-oriented. Create an outline and a plan to affect the necessary change. The following must be included in your submission.

  1. Describe a problem that requires change intervention.
  2. Outline intervention steps to affect change.
  3. publish a plan for implementing each step.

Use the materials that you compiled for your bibliography and the information gathered from your interviews and observations of the organization. The change intervention may attempt to affect change and improve areas such as human resources, marketing, finance, the organizational structure, or its decision-making processes of the company. Write a minimum of 700 words between your outline and plan. Use scholarly research and in-text citations and references to support the statements in your plan.

Point Value: 10 Points

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