Describe and discuss core concept definitions ofnursingmodels you think most closely approximates yournursing practicein your current role. (surgical pre-op casemanagerin ahospital).


Nursing models 

Describe and discuss the main concepts of the nursing models that, in your opinion, most closely reflect your present role’s nursing practice. (case manager for surgical pre-op in a hospital) Give instances that illustrate the similarities and contrasts between the models you’ve chosen. You may decide on Orem, Rogers, and Watson as examples. For each theory you select, list the concepts’ similarities and distinctions. Please make sure to cite APA sources in your comments.

2. Pick a specific theorist and examine their perspectives on theory-driven, evidence-based practice. Describe and discuss the use of a conceptual model or theory of your choice, as well as how it is incorporated into practice or research. Please be sure to use APA style for all references.

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