Describe any security concerns and the approach towards mitigating security issues for the system

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts of
systems design to a practical scenario involving a business information system.
You may work in a team of up to two (2) people.
During this assignment, you will undertake a systems design for the proposed system from
Assignments 1 and 2.
This assignment must build upon Assignments 1 and 2.

1. Design the system components – Provide a high-level architectural diagram and
explain the environment within which the system will operate (i.e., stand alone,
networked, hosting options, cloud infrastructure, etc.) (minimum 300 words).
2. Provide story boards illustrating the user interface for at least four (4) screens. Discuss
how you have applied best-practice user-interface design concepts (minimum 300
3. Describe any security concerns and the approach towards mitigating security issues
for the system (minimum 500 words).4. Deploy the solution – Describe the approach for planning and managing
implementation, testing, and deployment for the system (minimum 500 words).
All diagrams must be part of a single file. Additional files and attachments will not be
All tables, diagrams, and charts must be accompanied by a one paragraph description
(minimum 100 words) to help explain your rationale and logic. Note that presentation,
spelling, and grammar are extremely important aspects of your design. Be sure to proof read
your work prior to submission.
Submission Information:
1. Compile all the diagrams and specifications professionally into a single MS Word
document. (Do not submit a pdf file.)
2. Use the following format for the Word document’s filename:
Last Name_First Name_Student Number.doc
(e.g., Smith_John_s2841999.doc)
3. Carefully review the assignment marking criteria.
4. Do not compress your assignment file.
5. Submit your assignment online by going to…

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