. Describe examples of effective and ineffective therapeutic communication in the film;

For this assessment item you are required to watch the film ‘WIT’ by
Mike Nichols.
Part 1: Answer following question to discuss
1. Effective communication is essential for the establishment of a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship and the provision of safe,ethical and person-centred nursing care. Drawing upon the film and relevant literature and resources, discuss some examples of effective and ineffective communication (verbal and non-verbal)
portrayed in the movie.

Part 2: Present a personal reflection on the learnings you have gained through watching and analysing this film, including the identification of any gaps in your knowledge or skills and a plan for the changes or
improvements you intend to make to enhance your future practice.

Assignment will be mark against following criteria

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1. Describe examples of effective and ineffective therapeutic communication in the film;
2. Identify and critique the use of verbal and non-verbal communication in the film, including the tone, volume and speed
of verbal interactions; body language; barriers to understanding; and whether communication ‘presence and authenticity’ were demonstrated; (40%)
3. Incorporate relevant literature and learning resources to justify observations;(15%)
4. Use reflection to identify any gaps in your knowledge or skills, and propose a plan for addressing/improving these; (35%)
5. Present a coherent paper demonstrating correct formatting, spelling, grammar and referencing (Harvard style). (10%)

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