Describe how the literature was identified, analyzed, and synthesized.

 Final Assignment 04/26/18 Very important that all points are addressed in the final essay! I’ve incl2) Final Assignment 04/26/18 Very important that all points are addressed in the final       

essay! I’ve included the instructions with questions and answers to discuss!

Teacheruded the instructions with questions and answers to discuss!Teacher has provided an outli

 has provided an outline to follow in order to successfully complete

This assignment! I’ve included 14 peer reviewed articles for this assignment,

You must provide the remaining 10, MUST BE ARTICLES, NOT BOOKS. Pick a

Topic that corresponds with some of the articles listed. Some domains to

Consider would be clinical psychology, cognitive and perceptual psychology.

There needs to be four good domains within the larger field of psychology! (20

To 20 pages double spaced not including title and reference pages)

Integrative Literature Review

Pathbuilder is being used for this assignment. Please be certain to complete the “Survey Acknowledgement Quiz” this week in order to submit the Integrative Literature Review. You will not be allowed to submit your Final Paper until you have completed the quiz this week.

The primary goal of this literature review is to integrate concepts from four different content domains within the larger field of psychology. The four content domains should be chosen from previous coursework in this program. In this paper, students will review the findings in the individual empirical articles, organize the research in a meaningful way, evaluate the reliability, validity, and generalizability of the research findings, and present an integrated synthesis of the research that sheds new light on the topics within and across the four domains.

The result of a successful integrative literature review may be a significant contribution to a particular body of knowledge and, consequently, to research and practice. Therefore, before writing this literature review, substantive new research must be conducted via the Internet and within the Ashford University Library for each of the four chosen domains. A minimum of six sources must be included for each of the four domains. Although content from literature reviews completed in prior courses within this program may be included, it may not constitute the total research for the individual domains addressed within this assignment. No more than four sources from previous literature reviews completed in this program may be utilized for this integrative review.

The headings listed below must be used within the paper to delineate the sections of content. These sections include the following: a clear introduction that provides a general review and organizes the research in a meaningful way; a discussion in which the evidence is presented through analysis, critique, and synthesis; and a conclusion in which the discussion is drawn together in a meaningful way, the claims of the introduction are brought to a logical closure, and new research is proposed.


·        Provide a conceptual framework for the review.

·        Describe how the review will be organized. The questions below may be used to guide this section.

o   What are the guiding theories within the domains?

o   How are the domains connected?

o   Are there competing points of view across the domains?

o   Why is the integration of these domains important?

o   What is the history of these domains?

o   What are the related theories or findings?

·        Describe how the literature was identified, analyzed, and synthesized.

·        How and why was the literature chosen?

·        What is your claim or thesis statement?

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