Describe how this material will be used by you in writing your scholarly paper.

Part A: Searching the Literature Using Key Words and Phrases
1. Before beginning this assignment, review the material posted under the Library Guides tab and the material found by clicking on the web link titled determinants of health (this document contains some useful key words and phrases).
2. Begin this assignment by performing a general search of your chosen topic using Google. How many hits are there? Are there useful links within the first two pages? Then, use the UOIT library Quick Links feature to perform a more targeted search. Click on the Quick Links tab, then on Find Articles, Journals, Databases. Next, click on Indexes and Databases and choose the letter P. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select PubMed. You will receive a message that reads: “To connect to this resource, please use your network login information (same that you use when you login to your computer).” After logging in, type in the general word or phrase, e.g., obesity or mental health. Use the tabs at the left of the results page to refine your search. You should also select additional key words and phrases to help narrow your search to a more specific topic.
3. DOCUMENT each action step you undertake by writing an explanation of your step-by-step process in a Word document. You may capture the information using screen shots and paste them into the document to illustrate your search. It is absolutely important that you take the time to perform a literature search because you will learn how to use the library resources and you will learn the importance of developing a bank of key words and phrases that improve your search technique.
Part B: Annotated Bibliography Assignment
Begin your assignment by preparing an APA style title page. Then, at the top of the next page, write your working title andthesis statement– it does not have to be in its final form at this stage because continuing your literature search will help you to refine your thesis; however, your statement should be strong and clear.
You are to include four kinds of information in this assignment.
1. Give the complete reference, APA style.
2. Give a brief description of the type of source. The sources could beresearch reports, review articles, systematic reviews, government reports, or association information.
3. Summarizein 7-12 sentences the contents of the source.
4. Describe how this material will be used by you in writing your scholarly paper.
You do not need to have all your articles at this stage; however, you need to provide at least six references that are scholarly* in nature. You may also replace some of these articles with other articles as you continue your search of the litera

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