describe how you would carry out a focus group review of the cereal.

MGT240. Marketing and Sales

Assignment 1 Market Research

1. Let’s say you have developed a new, all natural granola style cereal. You want to see the reaction of a range of people to the product, so you decide to set up focus groups to sample the cereal. In one to two pages (single spaced), describe how you would carry out a focus group review of the cereal.

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a. How many people would be included in the focus group?
b. How would they be selected?
c. How would the taste test be carried out? Design a smart taste test – e.g., have attendees sample a total of three cereals, only one of which is your own brand.
d. What questions would you ask of the focus group members after they have sampled the cereal?
e. How would you use the information you gathered through the focus group exercise to guide you in moving the product forward (or killing the product, if appropriate)?

2. Let’s say you work in an airline that wants to determine how satisfied flyers are with the airline’s overall service. You decide to obtain feedback on passenger satisfaction by distributing a 5-8 question questionnaire to passengers.
a. Design the questionnaire. It should fit on one page. Provide a short rationale for the study, brief instructions, and 5-8 questions. Your questionnaire should look very close to the questionnaire that would actually be distributed.
b. Who would you target to respond to the questionnaire?
c. How would you distribute and collect the filled out questionnaire?
d. What kind of information would you derive from the distributed questionnaire?
e. How could you use the information?

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