Describe how you would prepare them for having children placed in their home?

this my first class Child Welfare and Family 200 words with reference and citation

There are many factors to consider when becoming a foster or adoptive parent. Imagine you are a human services professional working with clients who are in the process of becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

Describe how you would prepare them for having children placed in their home? (Things to consider: how to prepare their home, their families, cultural and religious differences, possible work issues)
What do they need to know about the children in the foster care system? (Things to consider: separated siblings, birth parents, educational and behavioral issues)
Identify the information you want to avoid sharing with the foster parents to safeguard confidentiality of the case.
What tips would you give them about how to help the child/ren feel comfortable in their home?
Both roles can be quite stressful. Give examples of where they can turn for support in your community.
Be sure to use specific information from the text to support your answers.

(When referencing the text, APA paper formatting and style must be used.)


this the second class Teaching Art and Music in Early Childhood with 250 words or more

I know that last week was a challenge with another major project, but this week is a little lighter and actually kind of fun if you like to shop. Enjoy browsing some catalogs on-line and choosing some items for dramatic play and creative movement that you think would be good materials for children. Remember that centers should already be set up in an early childhood room, and these are some things you would choose if you were given some funds.

Using a budget of $300, choose items for one of these age groups: 2–3 years, 4–5 years, or 6–8 years. Use the information in this unit’s Readings and Web Resources and thoroughly explain:

For each item you purchase, you will have to list:

· Why did you choose the item

· How do you plan to use the item (each one has to have more than one specific use)

· What developmental skills will you be targeting for each item

In addition to listing the items you will choose to purchase, you will need to write a little bit about the value of dramatic play and creative movement for children so that you can get in your in-text citations and the APA reference to Mayesky to receive all of your DB points.

Please list the cost of each item and give the final total. I used to have this job for ordering all of the math materials for my school, and believe me, I could get as close as a few pennies away from my limit. Let’s see who ends up getting as close to your $300 limit as possible! If you do not ask, you will not receive! Be sure to list your websites (copy/paste) on the chart and use our textbook for references. I want you to earn all of the possible points!

“Dramatic play appeals to children’s various learning styles or multiple intelligences. The body-smart learner gets obvious enjoyment from the active, physical movement involved in dramatic play. The child who is word smart enjoys the ongoing dialogue that is so naturally a part of the dramatic play experience. The child with a person-smart learning style thrives in dramatic activities involving constant interaction with other children. The child with a picture-smart learning style enjoys creating the visual scenes that provide the background for dramatic play scenarios…Movement activities, more than any other type of activity, offer children rich opportunities for the development of their total selves… creative movement (physical movement coupled with novel pretend imagery) can help children’s attention, speed, retention, and enjoyment of learning…Creative movement is a joyful experience for children. And in this joyful experience, children are benefiting in many ways. These benefits are sensory awareness, social development, body awareness, concentration, and personal development” (Maysky, 2011).



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