Describe insights you have gained about what it means to be an early childhood professional

The main learning outcome of this unit addresses the importance of software, hardware, and telecommunications to a business. This involves the support of current and new, emerging technologies to the business. The assignment is a good assessment because you have to think of areas of an organization that could benefit by emerging technologies.

You will need to research the technology’s capabilities and discuss the advantages the technology will offer an organization. This way, you have to be able to assess how technology supports business.

Please find the attached example of emerging technologies and their impact on your life, work and society:

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Assignment Instructions:
Imagine that you are an IT manager charged with keeping up with current technology.
Create an essay for the chief information officer that provides:

An overview of two areas that you want to update based on emerging technologies
The new technologies’ capabilities
The advantages your recommended emerging technologies will bring to the organization.
Be sure to cite all sources used in a reference

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Academic Questions
Early Childhood Professional Development
January 1, 2018 Published by: admin Click here to Order this paper at 100% Original Content
Take time to reflect on the work you have done in this course, what you have learned, and how your ideas about professionalism, career opportunities, and professional development and growth have changed, deepened, and/or expanded. With these thoughts in mind, respond to the following:

Describe insights you have gained about what it means to be an early childhood professional. Explain how those insights can make you a stronger professional in the future and help you to benefit young children and families with whom you may work.
Describe a possible career ladder that fits with your current areas of interest in working with young children. Explain how you can use knowledge you have gained from this course to either position yourself on that ladder or, in your view, move up a rung, starting now.
Take a look at each textbook or multimedia material that you have acquired for a course in this Bachelor of Science program from the perspective of your ongoing professional development. Identify at least five books and/or multimedia materials that you will definitely keep as part of your early childhood professional library.

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