Describe preoperational thinking.

CHD 204

Read Chapter 15 and answer the following questions:

  1.  Describe preoperational thinking.

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  2.  Define each term:  centration or unidimensional thought; conservation; egocentrism; animism.

  3.  Define irreversibility, concreteness, reasoning, and symbolic thought.

  4.  What is constructivism?

  5.  List ten (10) broad abilities of intelligence identified by the Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory.

  6.  What is the teacher’s role in supporting learning through play?

  7.  What is the rationale for using learning centers as the primary focus of learning activity in the preschool classroom?

  8.  List four (4) suggestions of the interest area approach that support active play.

  9.  Describe cooperative learning and initiative.

  10.  List six (6) factors that teachers should consider in designing an environment for play.

  11.  What are the four (4) key questions for teachers in focusing observations?

  12.  List eight (8) areas on which teachers should focus for developing skills for observing and recording information.

  13.  How do teachers plan for the curriculum of play?

  14.  What does it mean for a teacher to be a scaffolder?

  15.  Define modeling.

  16.  How does a teacher become a responder to children?

  17.  List four (4) strategies of developmentally appropriate and effective preschool teachers.

  18.  What is fluency?

  19.  What does early literacy involve in the preschool classroom?

  20.  Define phonological awareness and  phonemes.

  21.  What is knowledge of print?

  22.  What does comprehension involve?

  23.  How does a teacher help children to see literacy as a source of pleasure?

  24.  How do adults foster conversation with preschoolers?

  25.  Discuss the issue of working with dual-language-learning children.

  26.  List five (5) inappropriate cognitive and language development practices.

  27.  What are book extenders?

  28.  Describe a print-rich environment.

  29.  What materials should be included in the writing center?

  30.  List ten (10) recommendations for mathematics in preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

  31.  List five (5) areas of knowledge supported by the NCTM.

  32.  List five (5) specific domains from the Common Core.

  33.  Give several suggestions for materials and activities which support these domains.

  34.  List three (3) dimensions that should be integrated into science curricula and instruction.

  35.  List eleven (11) ways preschool children develop science process skills (thinking like a scientist).

  36.  Discuss large-group time.

  37.  List five (5) strategies for avoiding developmental difficulties during show-and-tell.

  38.  What is calendar time?

  39.  Describe small-group time.

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