Describe some of the activities of college professors in the field of psychology

2. Articles:
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 Canadian  Psychology/Psychologie canadienne, 47(1), 57-62. (EBSCOHost Accession Number: 2006-01403-006)Stapleton, A., Hankes, D.M., Hays, K.F., & Parham, W.D. (2010). Ethical dilemmas in sport psychology A dialogue on the unique aspects impacting practice.
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3. Websites:
Association for Applied and Sports Psychology Code of Ethics:

Recommended Readings

1. Textbook:
Davis, S.F., Giordano, P.J., & Licht, C.A. (2009). Your career in psychology: putting your graduate degree to work. Massachusetts: John Wiley & Sons.
Chapter 7: The Life of a College Professor: Teaching, Research and Service
Chapter 9: Preparing for a Career at a Teaching Institution
Chapter 17: Preparing for Careers in School Psychology

Rockies 5: Week 5 Discussion 1   School Psychologist and Sports Psychologist

School psychologists work with children in elementary and secondary schools. A sports psychologist works with issues that are specific to the psychological well-being of an athlete. How do the goals and focus of each differ from that of a clinical psychologist? What are the ethical guidelines that must be considered for each? Explore your own interest in these two subfields of psychology. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings by Day 7.

DISCUSSION 2      Teaching Psychologist

Careers for academic and teaching psychologists vary depending on the academic setting. Describe some of the activities of college professors in the field of psychology. Include your understanding of ethical concerns involved in teaching while also conducting therapy in either a private or group practice. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings by Day 7.

Instructor Gilston 10/28/2014 3:23:54 AM
Hey Class,I just wanted to remind you that all initial posts need to include both APA formatted in text citations and references. Please be sure to write in your own words and include at least 300 words for all initial posts and 50-100 words for all peer posts. Cheers!

Dr. Gilston

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